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Do you need debt help but are scared because you don’t know who to trust? I hear it every day. People who may benefit from professional debt consolidation help using a debt relief company are reluctant to get help because of the horror stories they hear. Here at you’ll find a wealth of free debt help information as well as free reports that will aid you in finding the right debt reduction help services and debt management services to fit your needs.

They key solution to debt relief is sound planning and advice, and if you need help to get out of debt, finding a reputable professional is your first step. When you contract with a good professional debt relief service you can increase your chances of successfully becoming debt free. However, there is a wide range of debt reduction programs and debt management programs available from hundreds of companies you’ve likely never heard of before. How do you decide? Here you will find educational articles covering various debt consolidation methods and debt reduction strategies using credit counseling and debt settlement.

Getting help with your debt by entering into a professional debt relief program means you’ll be giving yourself some much needed breathing room. The biggest advantage is that the company you choose will guide you and provide you with a plan to systematically eliminate your debt over a period of time. With a debt help company working with you, you can see if they are able to offer you a more sensible payment plan that’s tailored around your current financial needs. So take a look at the information offered on this site, learn as much as you can, and request a free debt relief company report to learn about the companies I believe to be reputable.

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Help with Debt Articles

Looking For Online Debt Advice?

: April 5, 2007 8:01 am : Debt Help Advice

Think of selecting a company to assist you in clearing out your debt in the same way that you select any other important financial service you use. You want to be especially careful when seeking out professional services that deal with your money.

There are many websites owned by debt relief companies offering online debt advice but many of them offer only one type of solution. The program they offer may not be the best debt solution for you so be aware of all your options before speaking with them. A mistake in choosing a irresponsible company or a company that offers a different type of program than you probably need can be very costly to say the least and may even make your debt situation worse.

Be careful choosing debt relief services.

My best advice is do your online research, find the type of solution you believe best fits your financial situation (ex-debt settlement vs. a debt management program), talk to a few companies who advertise their services, and then use the one you decide is best for you.

As long as you have spent some time doing your research you can feel comfortable you’ve made a good decision based on the information you gathered. Just be careful of the companies who promise you a quick fix and are not straight with you about the risks as well as the benefits to using their solution. Unfortunately, there is no easy or perfect solution when looking to get out of debt and anyone who claims to sell you on a solution that seems to good to be true, definately is!

Getting out of debt is a process that takes time and it’s never easy. Selecting the right company to work with does often make it smoother for you which is important. I give online debt advice on how you should narrow down your list of potential debt solution companies here.

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How Do I Stop Annoying Debt Collections Calls?

: March 11, 2007 8:18 am : Debt Help Advice

This is one of the most hated parts about having a debt problem, debt collection calls. As if it is not already bad enough, now you have debt collectors calling you daily and harrassing you constantly. The credit card companies will call you once you fall behind on your payments and then after a period of time (typically 6 months or so) they will turn your account over to a collections agency. That’s when things can get REALLY ugly!

The collections agency gets paid if they are able to collect money from you. Therefore they hire aggressive telephone representatives who can get very nasty in an effort to scare you into paying them.

Can debt collections calls be stopped?

Not unless you hire a lawyer to fight them on your behalf in which case the lawyers office will facilitate all communications with your creditors. If you hire a debt settlement company to reduce your debts, the company will also take most of your calls but typically cannot guarantee they you will not continue to get a few collections calls. However, the amount should decrease as your creditors realize that you have hired a debt settlement company.

The same can be said for a debt management or credit counseling company, they will recieve most of your calls especially since they are typically very friendly with the credit card companies who know that a person in a debt management program is typically going to pay back everything that is owed (unlike debt settlement) with the exception of some fees and penalties that may be waived.

The bottom line is that in seeking professional help for your debt problem, the headaches caused by the debt collections calls should subside and you can feel happy knowing that you can answer the phone again.

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How Can I Fix My Bad Credit?

: March 2, 2007 8:39 am : Debt Help Advice

Your credit score is an important barometer of your ability to repay bills in the eyes of those who are considering loaning you money. The loan can be for a home, a car, or even a credit card (which is really a short term loan after all). All of these people will check your credit score prior to making their decision about your loan.

You can check your credit score through one of the 3 major credit bureaus and if it is bad you need 2 key things to restore it back to good health:

1. Short term loans that you pay back promptly
2. Time

In short, you need to rebuild your track record in the eyes of the system that determines your score. In order for that system to raise your score, you need to show it you’ve turned the corner and pay your bills promptly for a decent period of time.

Start paying your bills on time and if you are able to get additional credit (say in the form of a credit card) do so and put small amounts on it that you are 100% positive you will be able to pay off ON TIME every month. Don’t spend anymore than you would if you were only spending cash and keep a log of exactly waht you’ve spent that month so you are not surprised when the bill shows up at the end of the month.

Remember you are trying to get out of debt and rebuild your credit at the same time – it takes financial discipline.

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Advice on Credit Card Debt

: February 14, 2007 8:10 am : Debt Help Advice

Credit card debt is a big problem and it seems to be getting bigger as credit cards are handed out to anyone and everyone who has a pulse. We are a nation of spenders and consumers who love to shop and eat out (a lot). The result is often bad spending habits and too much personal debt. Here’s my advice on credit card debt I always give to people who contact me seeking help:

1. Unfortunately, there is no quick way to eliminate your debt – even bankruptcy is no longer fast

2. Fixing the problem requires discipline and a commitment

3. The better you are at adjusting your lifestyle to reduce spending, the faster you will be out of debt

4. Change your attitude about your debt – convince yourself that you can get yourself out of debt with some work and that you will stick to a plan. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

5. Learn about credit card relief options and then research the best debt relief company for your needs.

6. GET HELP!!! – Just like a recovering alcoholic needs AA, you will likely do better if you enroll the services of a professional debt solutions company who can reduce your credit card payment and set up a plan for you. The support and budgeting guidance a good company can provide you is invaluable.

Bottom line? My advice on credit card debt is that the sooner you face up to the problem, the better off you will be. Unfortunately, it will not disappear on its own.

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Good Credit and Debt Advice – What Company Can Be Trusted?

: February 13, 2007 6:16 pm : Debt Help Advice

It’s interesting that credit card debt is such a major problem in this country yet there are no “household name brand companies” that people know, recognize, and trust to help them by providing debt relief services. Where does one go for good credit and debt advice?

When you want a mortgage you know the names like Countrywide Mortgage. When you want help with you taxes you know you can go to H&R Block.

But quick, tell me the name of a household brand company you know that assists the public with debt problems? Drawing a complete blank? I thought so.

There are none!

Yet personal financial debt has become one of the largest problems in this country. How can that be? My 2 cents is that the credit card companies are one of the most profitable and powerful industries anywhere and their influence has allowed them to thrive. Has their power allowed them to squander the rise of any potential large scale debt relief companies? Maybe so.

As a result the debt relief industry operates virtually under the radar which makes it hard for the average person to know which debt help companies are honest and trustworthy and which they should avoid at all costs.

This website can help to educate you, provide you with good credit and debt advice, and help guide you down the right path to finding a solution that’s best for you.

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