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How To Get Out Of Credit Card Debt

Not every method of debt relief is right for everyone, that’s why getting as much information as possible on how to get out of debt is essential, and there’s no better place to find information than with the experts. But how do you know which debt relief company to trust? With so many companies advertising their services today, and all of them promising to get you out of debt fast, it’s hard to know who is trying to scam you and who represents a trustworthy business. That’s why is here to help. By filling out my FREE REPORT form, you can get a comprehensive review of one of the debt relief companies that has been screened by me to make sure they’re reliable, experienced and honest. I know some of the best companies to help you get out of credit card debt and other unsecured debts because I personally meet with them as part of my review process.

Why seek professional debt relief? One reason is simply that it often can be easier and more helpful than doing it on your own. For many people who seek to get out of credit card debt in the quickest and most hassle-free way, enlisting professional debt help can be their best bet assuming it fits their own circumstances and comfort level. A trustworthy, qualified debt relief company can help you lower your payments either through interest rate reductions as done by debt management companies or they can provide debt settlement advice and negotiate with your creditors to reduce what you owe.

With an experienced company on your side, you can focus on getting your financial life back on track. So if you want to get out of debt now, read on. Here at you’ll find a wealth of useful information and hundreds of pages of useful questions and answers.

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Credit Card Debt Articles

Where Can I Get Debt Information That’s Reliable?

: February 12, 2007 3:05 pm : Get Out Of Debt Information

Seaching for debt information on the web can be daunting. Mostly what you will see is one company after another selling you on their services by offering you “guaranteed” debt solutions. It’s hard to rely on what they have to say because ultimately they want you to enroll as their client for debt settlement, debt management, or even bankruptcy services. In addition is you look at some of the major newspaper articles they will have you believe that there are zero honest debt solutions and that everyone in the business is a crook (not true!).

So who’s right? Who can you believe? Which debt relief service can you trust? Well, in an attempt to answer all those questions, I created this website full of debt information. I wanted to provide a reliable resource and also create a forum where people can have their questions answered.

There are hundreds of pages of questions I have answered as well as reports on various debt relief companies for those who request my opinion.

The most important thing to do is to educate yourself on your debt help options. The more you know the better you will be able to determine what solution is best for your situation. Only then should you begin to find and research which company you want to use for debt relief.

I welcome any and all feedback, personal stories, and addtional information to make this site more helpful to you and others.

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What’s The Best Way to Find Debt Help?

: February 12, 2007 2:53 pm : Get Out Of Debt Information

Debt is like The Blob in the old horror movie – it slowly rolls over your entire life and eats away at your ability to do anything because it just grows and grows. There are several ways to get out of debt but there usually are no instant solutions, like anything, it takes work, time, and discipline.

What Are Best Ways to Find Debt Help?

In the old days (a few years ago) you could declare bankruptcy and essentially wipe out your debt but the new bankruptcy laws have changed all that. Now that too, is a long process that includes credit counseling and various stages of court approval.

So there really is no instant fix to the problem but there are solutions and your first step should be to determine which solution is best for you:

1. Bankruptcy – a last resort only for people with a situation “beyond desperate”
2. Debt Settlement – for those with more debt than they reasonably can ever pay off and need a lower payment fast
3. Debt Management/Credit Counseling – a less drastic yet longer term solution that’s better for your credit
4. Debt Consolidation – lowers you payments typically by using another asset as collateral (typically your home)
5. Spend Less and Save More – obvious and slow but it works for those with the income and discipline

Which debt help solution is best for you? That depends on your situation and is a decision only you can make but regardless, you should be cautious in your search to find debt help.

Like anything, there are good honest companies and others that you’d probably be better staying away from. Educate yourself, do you research, ask lots of questions, and speak with a few companies before making your decision.

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