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Scott Bearden Be Safe - See Who's Best Now

Hello, I'm Scott. All these debt relief companies look and sound the same but you've likely never heard of any of them, right? So I created this site to teach you how to find honest help, educate you on your options, & make suggestions.

How does it work? I find companies with great track records, years of experience, and integrity. I even meet with them in person often flying across the country to do so. Only after I'm convinced in the quality of services they provide, do I agree to work with them as clients. I happily align my reputation with theirs - these are the good companies. If you need help just complete the simple form now. I'll provide you with useful information on how to get out of debt safely and a honest review on one of the companies that may be able to assist you based on your location and debt amount. Many thousands are happy they asked my help - it will help you too.

  • Thank you for all the answers and concern for my debt. It is a great service you are providing."--Randy
  • They were very helpful and were proven to be honest not like 3 other companies I dealt with. I did sign up for their program. Thank you for all your help. I have also referred a friend as well." - Mary Beth
  • Thanks Scott for checking back with me, so far so good, this has been scary trying to find the right company to help me, I went with the company you recommended, they've been very helpful, I'll keep you posted, have a great day! -Anne
  • Yes i did and thank you for taking the time to follow up. I think your doing a very positive thing in helping people like myself to seek out the right resources for our debt. There seems to be a lot of scams out there and i almost got caught in one if it were not for your article and research. -Jesse
Why Should You Consider My Reports & Recommendations?
  • Over 105,200 people have requested my reports to help them find honest & reliable debt consolidation companies. I get "Thank YOU!!" emails ALL THE TIME.
  • They have directly benefitted by finding companies offering solutions including (a) settling debt to reduce what's owed (b) consolidating payments (c) reducing interest rates (d) making payments more manageable (e) budgeting advice and plans.
  • I only suggest consolidation companies I have researched, met with in person, and worked with for years.
  • The companies I suggest are paying clients of mine and I happily share that as I stake my reputation on their services. That's how confident I am and I 100% trust their services.
  • It's your decision. No obligation, no high pressure sales pitch. The company I suggest will simply contact you, learn more about your situation, and advise you on how their consolidation programs may be helpful to you.

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